Configuring Agent Alerts – Hitachi Tuning Manager (Linux)

—Linux based configuration— Default path locations: Tuning Manager Commands : /opt/HiCommand/TuningManager/PerformanceReporter/Tools/ RAID Agent Commands : /opt/jp1pc/tools/ Procedure to configure alerts: Configuring Trap Generator service properties to send SNMP traps. Configure Action Handler service properties to send e-mail alerts. Creating an alarm definition file. Verifying alarm definition file. Bind Alarm table to an agent. Login to […]

Adding Storage Arrays to Tuning Manager – Linux

— Linux based configuration —  Login to the Management server as a root. Pre-Checks: 1. Navigate to Tuning manager commands location : “\opt\jp1pc\tools”. Issue Command “./jpctminfo agtd –p” to check the version of Agent for RAID. “agtd” is the service key for RAID Agent. Note: RAID Agent version should not be greater than the HTnM server version. […]